Theatre Acting Resume

Acting is a profession in which an actor portrays a certain character to tell a story to the audience. Acting is a highly skilled job. If you are looking to enter the field of entertainment then you must polish up your skills. Theater acting is one of the most difficult types of acting. To be a good theater actor you should be very good in professional acting. You should also be able to craft a good theater acting resume.


Your theater acting resume should be a short one page document that should highlights your theater drama and other acting experiences. Make sure you do not exceed more than 2 pages while writing a resume. You should always stick to the basics.


Now, let us talk about a few things that could make your resume look appealing to the employer. So, make sure that you include all these things:


1. Education and Schooling

Under this heading, you need to talk about any special degree that you possess in regard to this post. You could say that you have done Bachelor of Arts in Theater acting from a well known University. You could also talk about any other specific degree.


2. Theater Acting Experience

Most of the employers look forward to this part of your resume. Here you need to mention all the plays in which you have acted so far. You should also specially mention some of your plays that have gained you critical acclaim. You also need to mention a few lines regarding your previous employers.


3. Resume Objective

It is an integral part of your resume. You need to state a small resume objective that catches the eye of the employer at the very first glance.


4. Professional achievements

Here you need to talk about any special awards or recognition that you’ve received for your acting. You could say that you have won the award for best actor this year.


These are some of the important information regarding a theater acting resume. You really need to go through this article once. It could really help you prepare a good resume.


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Theatre Acting Resume

Child Actor LA Acting Tips Every Single Actor Should Possess



Passion is required to become thriving in acting or other venture in fact. Passion is the fuel for your acting profession. Just how do you realize when you’ve got a love for acting and not a like to it? Initially, you actually visualize your lifestyle as a prosperous actor or actress. Enable your thoughts to really envision what it really could be like to have your name over the marquee of a major play, Television show, or major film. Let yourself to genuinely go there! Do you get excited?


Now visualize yourself without any of that. Let your mind to equally race as well. If you don’t feel sick inside your abdomen after visualizing yourself without having acting then great job! You’ve got the first requirement to transforming into a thriving actor. Before you decide to head to acting be sure you have a genuine passion for it. If you do not it may be hopeless making it in this competitive arena.




Vision is the capacity to realize that which isn’t face-to-face with your eyes. If passion is the fuel to your dreams then vision served as the electrical draw for your voyage. Put simply vision will shed light on your route as an acting professional. You’ll need vision in acting to last the years it will take to build up ones own skill as well as your acting credits. It will take vision to identify yourself getting that Oscar!


Complete This Action!


Genuinely sit down yourself and put in writing your vision for yourself. What type of achievements can you genuinely see for yourself? Should you do this action you will have a laser focus to your efforts as an actor. Next, read this vision affirmation you come up with for 1 month. Should you do this activity you are going to inspire yourself with an energy source that very few stars possess.


Cultivate Ability


Acting is like farming. You have to plant lots of seeds and then have patience for that harvesting. As an acting professional you’re continually cultivating your ability. This means that you’re always looking for ways to mature. Inside your class work, in your auditions, within your everyday schedule, your always mindful.


This self consciousness for expansion will help build you into a more solid actor. Before you realize it you’ll be able to respond on demand. You’ll have the vitality to create character on 100 % pure instincts. You’ll step into the skilled professional realm of acting.


By taking all these basic steps and ground them into your acting practice each day you will have results. Becoming an actor or actress is really a journey not necessarily an event. In case you have dropped from the wagon it’s possible to dust yourself off again. Consider all of these strategies by Child Actor LA experts and make your actual acting wish a real possibility!

Child Actor LA Acting Tips Every Single Actor Should Possess

Actors on Acting – Casting & Auditions

When attending an audition it is of the utmost importance to be prepared. Most decisions to eliminate you from consideration are made during the first 30 seconds of an audition. When you walk into the room it’s very important to stay in your own space. Don’t start comparing yourself to others. Women tend to do that. Don’t you do it! Concentrate on being yourself and try not to be too critical.


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If this is your first audition, don’t make it known, nothing turns off a casting director more than saying that is your first audition and that you’re nervous. Just do your job and leave. Your job is done! You have tried out for a part, now it’s time to wait and see if you get a call back.


Different directors are looking for different things so learn to be flexible. Some directors expect you to come with good old fashioned missionary zeal – oozing with enthusiasm, courage and thoroughly convinced that you’re the right person for the part.


Don’t be late, that shows them a lot about your professional ability. Most directors have a major problem with that. Keep in mind that they have a limited amount of time and don’t have time to waste. Be prepared, be professional and be on time.


Never show up to an audition without talking to your agent about what is required for the part. What is the age range, what’s the gender, are there any sides or scripts available. The time and place for the audition. Dress for the character, it shows you have studied the part.


Never book an audition knowing that you will not be able to be there. Be aware of conflicts and be honest about them. Share that information up front with the casting director. Never compromise your ethic or moral values. Know in advance if there are going to be any callbacks and when the project shoots. No sense auditioning for a part when you know that you’re not going to be around when the shooting starts.


Do your networking after the audition – never before. Remember that you’re in a business that’s 95% rejection, so don’t take it personally. You may not get the part, but you may make an impression for a later project. That’s how the system works.


Audition Tips: When you show up for an audition have your head shots and business card handy. Before you sign in…ask if there are any changes to the script. Don’t sit down. Stand in a quiet place – by standing you keep your energy up and geared for the part. Take the time to look over the script one more time and note any new changes, then sign in.


Once called, they will probably ask you to state your name and the agency that represents you. A video camera will document the audition as the director cues you to begin. Keep in mind that your audition began the moment you stepped in the room. You only have one chance to make a good impression, so give it your best shot.


After you do your reading, you will be excused by the director, informed of any call back, if any, and you’re done. That’s it. Go for it!


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Actors on Acting – Casting & Auditions

Stage Awards are Recognition of Theatre Performances

Stage awards are given away for excellence in theatre and stage performances across various categories. The awards system differs from category to category – e.g. stage shows, musicals, dramas, operas and so on. Some have closed nominations monitored by a committee or board while some have open selection and nomination processes. The criteria for awards selection also varies across categories.




A look at popular theatre awards in New York for instance bring up big names like:


  • Tony Award
  • Drama Desk Award
  • Drama League Award
  • Clarence Derwent prizes
  • New York Drama Critics’ Circle prizes
  • Theatre World Award
  • New York Innovative Theatre prizes


And so on. Broadway in New York is home to the theatre industry in the country and is a prestigious name in theatre and stage shows. Some of the other awards from around the US are Carbonell Awards, Backstage West Garland Awards. Elliott Norton Awards, Ivey Awards, LA Weekly Theatre Award, NAACP Theatre prizes, Ovation Awards, Sarah Siddons prize and the like.




In the UK, London is the premier location for theatre and stage shows and some of the prestigious awards here are Laurence Olivier Awards, London Critics’ Circle Awards. Evening Standard prizes, Technical Theatre Awards.


While most of the above are given for individual performances in lead roles and for excellence in several technical aspects that go into the production, there are stage management awards that celebrate excellence and outstanding achievement in Production & Stage Management both individual and team.


The Schmidt and Jones Awards


These prizes are named after Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones, creators of the longest running show in American theatre history, The Fantasticks. An original Broadway production of the show ran for 42 years showcasing 17,165 performances. Honoring excellence in musical theatre produced by schools in Texas counties through a panel of judges that consist of theatre professionals and educators, the awards are given in many categories – individual and team performances, design, music, props, production etc. – but the awards are handed out only to students. The Schmidt and Jones Awards have provided the golden opportunity to North Texas theatre students to showcase their talent and skills and achieve recognition with a Tony prize feel.


The Ovation Awards


In Los Angeles, the Ovation prizes which was put together to celebrate and honor the theatre community, are the only peer-judged awards. Annually, 35 different categories are recognized and awarded through a voting system and receiving one of them is an absolutely significant recognition point for theatre artists and folks.


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Stage Awards are Recognition of Theatre Performances

Join a Performing Arts Classes like Child Actor LA to Learn Music Theatre or Dance

“Performing is an experience, for me, that is as humbling as it is energizing.” – Charley Pride


Performing arts is an art form in which an artist makes use of his or her voice or body movements in order to convey artistic expression. In performing arts, body movements or voices of artists are often used in relation to other objects. As far as the categorization is concerned, performing arts is classified into three types, namely theatre, music, and dance. All of these are branches of are performed in front of a live audience. In the field of education, performing arts plays a key role in many primary and secondary education curricula. Music, dance, and theatre are prime branches of culture and engage participants at a number of levels. One of the biggest reasons why performing arts is emphasized so much is because it helps students learn a way to express their ideas and emotions, which can’t be expressed in language alone.


Do you want to involve in performing arts? Would you like to join a performance arts course? If so, you would have to be clear about your choice in the first place. It would be beneficial to choose a performing arts school rather than a specific discipline school as it would give you the opportunity to experience other arts, even if you don’t possess any interest in them. Also, it would be good to select your course type well in advance. Whether opting for music, drama or dance, make sure you are clear with your selection beforehand. As far as selecting a performance art school is concerned, you would have to emphasize a few important factors before making a final decision. Other than the facilities and registration process, make sure you pay attention to the location as well. It is because it would be an important factor to decide whether or not you apply to that performing arts school. So, if you are staying in Pasadena Santa Barbara area, go for Child Actor LA a well-known performing arts school. The Child Actor LA Institute gives the best classes for acting, singing and modeling. We build up the routes for your child’s success in this severely competitive industry.


That said, don’t waste any more time. Now that you know what all to consider, commence your efforts for joining a class without further ado! All the best for your performing arts learning!

Join a Performing Arts Classes like Child Actor LA to Learn Music Theatre or Dance

The Making of a Successful Career in Acting

To make a career in the field of acting, one must remember at the beginning that there are millions who actually have the same aim in mind and hence the competition is quite difficult to the extent of one’s imagination. It is by no means an easy job to reach the top of the entertainment industry and make a successful career in the field of acting.


One must be both mentally and physically prepared to actually go through some of the toughest and the most difficult times in order to finally become a successful actor. There will be a number of auditions in everyone’s career and they must prepare themselves and take each and every one of these auditions seriously.


The auditions:

The auditions are extremely important in order to make a career in the field of acting. Acting needs skills and one must practice hard in order to sharpen these skills. The auditions test these skills and tell the aspiring actor about the position that he or she is currently standing. The casting session is extremely important and one must make the best possible impressions in these sessions. The first and foremost matter is punctuality which must be maintained. Another very important matter is that no one should behave rudely at the sessions or complain about petty issues like about standing in the queue for too long. Nervousness is unnecessary and is not expected from an actor. Hence they must shake hands with the casting directors or the judges at first and perform the piece. They must be well rehearsed. These will certainly help in making the best possible impression. However if one is not selected he or she must never lose hope.


The importance of auditions:

The auditions are like the entrance point that helps an actor to make an entry in to the acting scenario. It is not possible to get selected into a role at the first audition and hence to make the best career in acting one will have to remain mentally strong and may have to give numerous auditions. The auditions provide a learning experience for all those who take part and it helps them to enrich his or her skills and knowledge about acting in a more perfect manner.


The scenario and the competition:

The world of acting is full of competition. In order to be successful one must be fully prepared to try the level best. A lot of hard work and dedication is needed in order to make a career in acting. Hence the mental strength comes into play quite clearly. The belief and confidence is thus very important and it will not be possible to stand out in the crowd of the thousand aspirants otherwise. Indeed there are several who are in desperate search of a footing at the biggest stage but hardly a few get a chance to make it big.


There might be innumerable auditions on the way to a successful career in the field of acting and the self belief is what will carry them all forward. It must be noted at this point that none of the biggest actors in Hollywood have had it easy previously and they have actually gone through the same process as is mentioned earlier.


For genuine and effective information on the above areas move to career in acting with Child Actor LA Institute. It’s a superb place for the young aspirants of this field. Child Actor LA is a name which assists young aspirants in enhancing their skills in the field of entertainment. The Institute gives the best classes for acting, singing and modeling. We build up the routes for your child’s success in this severely competitive industry.
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The Making of a Successful Career in Acting

Make Choices and Deliver a More Compelling Performance

Making choices sounds like it should be easy, but for a new actor it can be very difficult. In fact, even experienced actors struggle with this sometimes. Why? Human beings have a tendency to get self-conscious and worry about looking stupid. Because of this, many actors struggle to trust their instinct which dramatically inhibits their ability to make character choices. However, there are ways to get around this nervousness so that you can create a dynamic performance.


One of the most important things to realize is that if you feel silly you are probably on the right track. Additionally, you need to remember that the more fun that you have with your character and your performance the more fun your audience will have. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you should be silly all of the time. There can be something very fun about making dramatic choices that allows you to scream and cry.


As you are reading through a scene you will inevitably feel yourself wanting to do something. It may be the desire to speak in a certain way, to look at a specific person, or to move. It is important that you begin to pay attention to these instincts as they are often your guide to making solid character choices. When you feel like you want to do something try it!


However, for some actors this is still rather difficult. Part of this is because when you are paying attention to your instincts you are placing yourself under a spotlight. One of the best ways to get around this is to focus on the person that you are acting with. Rather than thinking about what you should do you need to ask yourself how you want to make the other person feel. Do you want them to feel embarrassed? Angry? Shameful? By focusing on how you are trying to affect the other person you will take the pressure off of yourself, and instead put your energy into making your scene partner feel something.


When you are trying to make someone else feel something you have to try different tactics. You may have to move, speak differently, gesture a certain way. All of these things are known as choices, and you need to make them to adequately tell the story of the script. You can feel it if your current tactic isn’t working, and when that happens you need to try something else. As per the experts at Child Actor LA Institute you should try to manipulate the actor that stands across from you. When you do that your performance can take on a life of its own captivating not only you, but the audience that is watching you


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Make Choices and Deliver a More Compelling Performance