Juggling Modeling With Education

Modeling can be an exciting and lucrative career choice. If successful you could travel the world, meet interesting people and earn great money. However nothing in the modeling world is guaranteed. It is competitive, often cut throat and no matter how good a model you are, your career has a shelf life and you will need something to fall back on.


Our experts at Child Actor LA say that a good education is vital and something all aspiring models should not neglect. Experts can show you how to break into the world of freelance modeling whilst still ensuring that you get a good education. Many being at school manage to juggle a part time modeling career along side their exams. You need a supportive family and a strong mind to be able to do this.


If you are at school, college or university and you want to try and break into the world of modeling, then the best thing to do is fit castings and auditions in during your free time. Don’t miss exams and important lectures, as you will rely on your education if modeling doesn’t work out for you. There are many ways to get into the modeling world, either through a good model agency, through contacts or through self-promotion.


Indeed the modeling industry itself has many careers within it that could be just as rewarding as being a model. A qualification in fashion, make-up/ styling, photography, journalism or business management can land you a great job in the modeling industry – probably with more longevity than modeling itself. Don’t burn your bridges, leave all your options open. After all, your potential may reveal itself as you get older.


Your school or college should be supportive if you need to take time off to attend castings or photo shoots. However you should not expect to miss school or college during important exam periods. If you are putting yourself up for a casting and you know the job is during exam time or when you should be revising then don’t go to the casting. If you know you will not be able to attend the job (if you get it) then don’t waste the casting directors time, as they may not use you again. If you are studying then consider modeling as a part time job only – wait until you have finished your exams to delve deeper into the industry and discover what you could achieve.

Juggling Modeling With Education

It Always Pays to Start Young For Teen Models

Do you think that your child is an aspiring teen model? Do you feel that your child has the right personality and characteristics to apply for teen modeling? The good news is that there is a huge market potential for teen models and you will have to work towards preparing your child to become one among the many young models. Of course modeling at such a young age can be fun and this is one of the reasons why children enjoy modeling. The market today has a constant requirement for teen models and you can even find job postings over the internet on niche websites like Online Model World.


Who wouldn’t love to see their child become a part of the modeling world? We at Child Actor LA believe that modeling is not just about promotion of products or services or advertising – for young models, it is much more. In fact, there are many teen models who believe that modeling is more than just another career option; it actually builds confidence in them to achieve much higher goals. It is just that modeling has become a lot easier than what it used to be due to the fact that more and more work is available.


The internet is playing a crucial role in ensuring that opportunities are there for teen models. Earlier parents would have to look for model coordinators and stand in endless queues to get noticed but today things are very different. With dedicated websites like the Online Model World, parents don’t have to look too far to search for work or an opening for their aspiring teen models. One of the salient points is that online modeling websites offer memberships, which will help aspiring young models to put up their portfolio. Models can put up their portfolio with as many images and even videos of any commercial worked on. The website databases are visited frequently by modeling agencies, advertising agencies and the client themselves. Hence, the chances of finding work are much higher.


There are thousands of products as well as services that require teen models and this can include everything from sketch pens to children’s apparel and from toys to electronic gadgets. It has been noticed that in the recent times, parents are schooling their children at home so that they can compete as young models in the modeling world or for modeling different types of children’s products.


One of the important aspects to remember for parents is to help their child grow within the modeling world. The fact of the matter is that those teen models that start early will always have an advantage over models of older age. If a child starts modeling at the age of 14 and another child starts modeling at the age of 18 then who has the advantage? The child who started modeling at age 14 will have 4 years of hard core modeling experience by the time he or she is 18. So age does matter when it comes to young models; because the younger they are – the better it is.


To learn more, please visit here: http://childactorla.mystrikingly.com/

It Always Pays to Start Young For Teen Models

Petite Modeling and Modeling Schools

Modeling is vast career which includes various types of modeling and there are thousands of modeling aspirants who have an urge to break into the industry. There is a wide discussion whether it is essential for one to join modeling schools which require spending thousands of dollars in order to step into the modeling industry. Some people are under misconception that by joining modeling schools they are assured with modeling jobs and assignments. It is not like any other profession as soon as you complete your studies you are not assured to get the job. In fact clients who are in need of petite models don’t even consider it as a qualification or requirement of job.


Most of the modeling schools and classes will be teaching the runway modeling techniques as their main aim is to getting into the fashion industry. But the models whose height is less than 5 feet 9 inches they cannot withstand in the industry to work as a runway model. To those models petite modeling will give a helping hand to enter into the career. Some times modeling agencies will offer classroom studies which are developing and growing in sparsely populated areas. You must be very cautious to these kind of studies as these classes won’t help to get anywhere in your career. They are offering this only for their self improvement as they are trying to make money out of your interest. No reputed agency would ever ask a model to pay for such matters.


Even if you don’t have any experience in this career, you can gain all modeling styles by practicing in front of the mirror with the guidance of an expert. This will do well for your career as modeling agencies are in search of impressive model’s look, attitude and personality. Mostly modeling scouts will approach college and high school students and sometimes they also get you the opportunities to kick start the career. But you have to be very careful as they show off a business card and you should not believe that his agency will get you real modeling assignments. This is because the scouts may be sometimes an agent of the modeling schools and you may be convinced in such a way that you will join those schools. For doing this, scouts will be getting commission on per student basis from the modeling schools.


We at Child Actor LA suggest you if you want to get genuine assignments from the modeling agencies you have to identify someone who has got a business license. They will have so many good contacts which pay models for the assignment or work. On their hand if you are interested to get into television or video modeling then you have to attend acting classes. As many directors believe that students who had come from acting schools will have some valuable experience than the fresh ones. With this experience you can make s superb difference in your modeling portfolio. Acting classes will prove to be good for a modeling aspirant like you, at the same time modeling schools can be only a waste of time and money.

Petite Modeling and Modeling Schools

Ways to Teach Your Child About Goal Setting

Life seems to advance at a quick pace these days. Before you know it, your child will be on his or her way out the door. In the meantime, teaching your child how to set and reach goals will be one of the most important things you teach him or her.

When should you begin teaching goal setting? I believe you should start as early as possible, and as with all things, start with the simple ideas first. And remember, the best teacher of all is your own modeling.


1) Goal Setting


Children (and all of us) learn from modeling. So, even when your child is a toddler, you can model your goal-setting process. “Mommy’s goal is to get the laundry done today, would you like to help me fold the wash cloths? When we’re done, what would you like to have for lunch?” These two simple sentences begin to teach your child that first of all, mommy has goals or things she wants to accomplish. Second of all, once those goals are accomplished, one can have a reward, such as good food to eat.


2) Saving Money


When your child begins to desire certain things such as a particular toy, you can begin to teach her about saving money. Learning to save for a house, a car, or a special vacation, years down the road, all begins with learning to save money in a piggy bank, or perhaps, in the child’s very own bank account. Or, the child’s money could just be saved in mom’s account, with the child earning a small amount of interest and keeping track of it in his notebook.


Modeling how to save money is one of the most obvious ways to teach your child about goal setting. Say you want to buy a new computer, let your child know that you are saving each month until you have the money to purchase it.

Perhaps you could make a graph of how your savings are adding up, while at the same time your child makes a graph of something special they are saving for.


3) Learning Something New


Teaching how to save money is the most obvious of goal-setting ideas, but perhaps more importantly, teaching your child how to plan and execute a goal to learn about something (or learn how to do something the child wants to do), may be even more important. If your child for example shows an interest in drawing at an early age, providing her with some appropriate materials may move her interest along. She may set her own goal to learn how to draw animals, for example. Perhaps at some point she will save some of her own money for more and better drawing materials.


If you don’t have a lot of extra cash (or even if you do) the library is a great resource for your child’s budding interests. Having his or her own library card can give your child a greater sense of independence, and also knowledge of just how special books are. So, if you don’t yet have a library card of your own, one of the best things you can do, in the way of teaching and modeling how to set goals, is to plan a special trip to the library, so you and your child can each get a library card.


As you think about modeling your own goal setting, it makes sense to start out with simple goals. If your interests are like mine, your goals may revolve around learning how to cook a certain type of food, (in my case Thai food). Perhaps like me, you want to learn to take better photographs or learn how to plant a better vegetable garden. Any time we work to attain a goal, it is a step by step process. We have a better chance of achieving our goals if we write them down. When we write our goals down, we are more likely to remember when we reach them, so we can celebrate.


The new young learner may have many burgeoning interests, and this is not the time to narrow his interests. Maybe the child will choose four or five or more books about things that interest her, and perhaps after reading a bit, a goal or two will be set to learn even more about a particularly interesting topic. Of course, if your child can’t yet read, you will have the honor of reading his or her chosen books. Learning to read well, will hopefully be one of your child’s most important goals.


Child Actor LA Institute offers drama and performing arts classes for the child development. The institute is a place where children can grow and acquire life skills. The kid actors achieve successful careers while growing at a social and communicative level.

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Ways to Teach Your Child About Goal Setting

Child Actor LA Tips to Dress Your Kid for an Audition

Kids are always an adorable bunch to see especially for modeling agencies which are usually busy dealing with multiple clients and models. However, being a model is no child’s play; it’s serious and real work, with many other kid models that compete for the same position. Thus it is necessary to know how to dress to impress at the audition. Below we at Child Actor LA are sharing some tips.


Wear Simple


Yes, the outfit does affect look, and that is why a kid shouldn’t be wearing very overpowering clothes. This will affect the original look. Judges also want to see the raw face cut and style to be able to determine the type of modeling the kid model will be in future.


So simple solid colored clothing, with little to no patches and design, should be employed. A young kid shouldn’t be wearing unnecessary ornaments, jewelry or accessories. Even professional models are advised against it, and even more so for kids who have no stylistic relevance to grand ornaments.


Act like your Age


In line with not over-dressing, it is also vital that the kid model isn’t wearing age inappropriate wear, such as overtly sexual or revealing dresses, or even tailored suits etc should be refrained from. One exception is perhaps swimsuits or children’s bikini. If you want to go the extra mile and of course depending on the type of project you are auditioning for (For e.g. Beach leisure) it may be sensible to bring along a swimsuit or wear one underneath the kid’s actual outfit, if it’s comfortable.


Bright colors, Avoid Dark


Solid black or red should be avoided as it may give off a scary vibe and may bleed into the camera. Solid bright colors such as green and yellow are appealing to the eye and suit the natural enthusiasm and positive energy that a kid should emanate. The kid will also stand out from the rest of the competition by using confident bright colors.


No Logos or any other Brands Stitched


As far as possible wear solid colored and clean outfits. There shouldn’t be brand names, designer logos, cartoon characters pictures or words etc. It will definitely show off as unprofessional and give off the impression that your child isn’t serious about modeling. Also, the brand names may not be something the judges are fond of and end up leaving a negative feeling.


Lastly remember what your kid wears to an interview and keep a note or log of it, so that if he or she gets accepted in the audition they should turn up for their casting with whatever they wore for auditions. What you wear is merely one aspect of the audition and there many other ways to prepare. A kid should learn a few poses, eat healthy, sleep well, and speak confidently in the lead up to the audition.


Modeling is a serious job and would require a kid to be able to cooperate and work with many people and be patient with the entire proceedings. As such emotional stability and character will something that is assessed in the auditions. With that in mind prepare for the questions that will be asked, and display a good confident persona even if what you wear is simple.


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Child Actor LA Tips to Dress Your Kid for an Audition

Child Modeling Has Really Come of Age

Child modeling has become quite popular these days especially because it is easier for children to reach out to the global consumer. As a result, more and more companies and brands have started to employ child models and some of the companies are using young models as their brand ambassador. This has actually in a way opened a parallel industry that caters only to the requirement of child modeling. Interesting as it is to note that this is fast becoming a lucrative industry; it is a known fact that child modeling is the first step towards a rewarding modeling career.


There are pros and cons of starting early. One of the pros of starting early is that it is easier for young models to adapt to different situations and requirements with ease. For example: if a modeling assignment requires child models to shoot in different locations and pose as different characters – they will be more eager to do it vis-à-vis older models. This is because of the fact that children by nature are inquisitive and eager to learn. The good thing is that this inquisitiveness if channelized properly can take the child model places. This is where the parents come in.


It is extremely necessary that the parents participate in the enthusiasm of their children. Young models can be prone to home sickness and even throw tantrums on location but the reassuring presence of parents will ensure that the shoot goes on smoothly. The second most important point is that the younger the models are the better exposure they will get. In modeling experience and exposure really matters. Normally, the period from 10 to 17 years is the right time for child modeling. Child models can start off even at age 4 or 5 and the good thing is that by the time they are in their teens, they would have amassed a lot of experience and got enough exposure to help them carve their career. By the time these models hit their early 20’s they will be well established.

So the best place to begin is over the internet. But first thing first, child models need to have their portfolio. There are several important areas that you need to focus on while creating your child’s portfolio so that they are considered for modeling assignments and auditions. Young models never know what is good for them and how they need to plan their life. Hence, it is the responsibility of the parents to guide them through this. Most child modeling recruiters as well as modeling agencies will select only those young models that have strong extra-curricular background, who are smart, who have charisma, and of course not to mention a great overall personality. It is important that child models are not just cute and smart but they have to be expressive and talented as well. So when you are working on your child’s portfolio you need to ensure that you promote all the salient points of your child and don’t forget to include as many photographs as possible. Consider Child Actor LA Institute to learn more regarding this.


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Child Modeling Has Really Come of Age

Child Modeling Agencies Showing a New Way of Promotions

The profession of modeling is one that is commonly associated with glamour and fashion. It is a much sought after profession for youngsters and teenagers and can be suitably rewarding as well. There is a great deal of good prospects for success and career growth in it. However, all that also calls for strenuous and committed work that can be long hours of the day and night coupled with requirements of fitness and good health.


There is a growing market of childcare products and services launched successfully by different companies over the years. In addition, there is an extensive and continuous campaign for promotions and publicity that go with them.


Companies have also found it extremely effective when children and even smaller babies are brought into their campaigns and promotions as the brand ambassadors for such products. Their zealous and spritely participation unfolds a message of confidence and encouragement among parents and children equally in favor of the same product or service.

Children as Models


There are children that are not only beautiful and attractive but are also endowed with natural qualities and skills for performing arts. They are good in dance, singing and the ability to act. They do not have a stage fright or least conscious about a rolling camera.

These are the children that are best suited to the needs of promotional and advertisement campaigns for different companies. In addition, the task of finding the best-suited child performers for commercials and events there are modeling agencies that are entrusted.


Modeling Agencies for Children


For decades now, there are several modeling agencies where youngsters and aspiring models have turned to for training and grooming and even getting that perfect break of their first assignment. There are such specialized agencies for children and babies as well.

If you were a parent who is interested in enrolling your child in this profession as a temporary break then a reputed modeling agency like Child Actor LA would be the best way to find out. They can provide the necessary platform for performance for your child. They will also train and groom smaller children with necessary attributes of their performances.


When it comes to getting, a big break there cannot be a better opportunity than being a part of an established and reputed modeling agency like Child Actor LA. They have years of work experience with big brands and companies of different kinds. Thus, they will also be able to provide that break for your child.


There is a strict adherence to legal and social issues. There are time schedules and payments rates that are laid down by government laws and statutes, which are followed by the agencies. They also act on you and your child’s behalf with the company in all kinds of negotiations and settlements.

There are also legal contracts of service that are duly signed by parents or legal guardians as an authorization and permission for their children to perform in a particular campaign or commercial promotion for a company.


Under the supervision of careful and responsible modeling agencies, there is a great prospect in store for your child.

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Child Modeling Agencies Showing a New Way of Promotions